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WeedFinder.com® is disrupting the cannabis industry with new and innovative technologies that are changing the way that users search for anything cannabis-related. The current search functionalities of cannabis directories are like antiquated dinosaurs that haven’t offered much to speak of regarding new capabilities for almost a decade.

The highly anticipated Weed Finder 3.0 unveiling includes WeedFinderGPT. This first-ever cannabis industry LLM (Large Language Model) comes fully equipped with a new AI-powered, human-like GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) chatbot named, "W.A.D.E." or the "WeedFinder Autonomous Decentralized Engine."

WeedFinderGPT's seemingly infinite dynamic search capabilities and its implementation of artificial intelligence are unfounded in the cannabis space. From providing you information on the benefits and differences between indica and sativa dominant hybrids, to letting you know which strains are most suitable for insomnia, Weed Finder 3.0 delivers in futuristic ways. Still currently in beta testing, it can even provide potential names for new marijuana strains.

WeedFinderGPT's most notable capability is its new, unique and lightning-fast propensity to locate the cannabis products and brands that a user is looking for in closest proximity to them. Additionally, W.A.D.E.'s ability to interact with a cannabis consumer by providing super useful information about cannabis strains, products and brands is captivating. It’s like having an extremely knowledgeable budtender in your pocket everywhere you go.

But WeedFinderGPT does not stop there. There are currently multiple websites that offer you inside access to adept growers and extraction experts in exchange for nose-bleed fees. WeedFinderGPT offers this functionality, and much more, for almost free. Example: In alpha-testing we asked it to provide detailed nutrient regimen for a greenhouse grow operation and the results were impressive. W.A.D.E. even provided foliar recommendations, measurements and application schedules. Additionally, WeedFinderGPT can even generate a littany of cannabis-infused recipes, with all ingredients and cooking instructions needed.

The potential applications for WeedFinderGPT are seemingly endless, but, while the total possible use cases are currently unknown, one thing is certain, WeedFinder® is ushering in a new paradigm-shifting era, totally altering the landscape of how people locate, purchase and obtain information about cannabis... Join Us.

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